Basic Price List

Comprises current market prices of materials used in the Construction Industry. Information contained in this section is useful to Consultants, Clients’ Organizations, Contractors and Suppliers.

Unit Rates

Each rate includes the cost of materials, labour, plant, incidental expenses, profit and overheads. The rates cover major items in Building and Civil Engineering works. These rates are useful to Consultants and Contractors’ Estimators.

Labour Rates

This is classified under two headings:

  • Informal sector which covers daily wages paid to itinerant construction workers
  • Formal sector covers wages paid by established construction companies which comprises the basic wage rate plus allowances.
The rates are based on the latest NJIC Agreement.

Daily Plant Hire Rates

Daily Plant Hire Rates

This covers the cost of hiring heavy plant for civil works, mixers, compressors, dumpers, cranes, etc.
Compute Estimate Rate

Labour Output

This is an estimate of workers rate of productivity for various construction activities and operations.
Labour Constants


This section contains useful information that by-pass computation from first principles i.e. shortcuts while estimating.
Infrastructural Works

Composite Rates for Approximate Estimating

These are compressed (omnibus) rates that combine a number of items into a single rate, thereby considerably reducing estimating time. They are useful to Consultants, Clients’ Organizations and Contractors.
Elemental Cost Analysiss

Elemental Cost Analysis

This is used for budgeting, cost planning and cost control of projects from inception to completion. It can also be used as a basis for advising Clients on future projects. This section covers different types of projects: Residential, Commercial, Educational, Religious, etc. Each Analysis page comprises a brief description of the project, its location, year of execution, gross floor area and elemental costs.
Cost Indices

Benchmarks for Infrastructural Works

Gives cost per Km of Roads, Rail Lines, High Tension Transmission Lines, etc.
Infrastructural Works

Benchmarks for Oil and Gas Industries

Gives cost of building Normal/Modular Refineries of different capacities, etc.
Oil and Gas

Cost Indices

Gives cost variation of prices in different parts of the country.